Naif Spirit

The playful presence of my son and his inexhaustible energy inspired me completely. As a mom, I found myself exercising empathy, to better understand his universe. My inner girl became active, and was allowed to create her world.

As it happened, the characters in my works stopped being "normal people" and acquired animal and plant characteristics. Soon I developed a world that I explore in painting, drawing, collage, photomanufacturing and objects. Since then, Naif Spirit is present in my aesthetic language.

La juguetona precencia de mi hijo y su inagotable energia me inspiro por completo. Como mama, me encontre  ejerciendo  empatia, para  comprender   mejor su universo. Mi nina se activo , y le permite crear su mundo.

Sucedio que  los personajes en mi obras  dejaron de ser "personas normales"  y adquieron caractericas de animales y plantas. Pronto desarrolle un mundo que explore en pintura, dibujo, collage, fotomantaje y objetos . Desde entonces Espiritu Naif esta presente en mi lenguaje estetico.


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