Feminine & Spiritual Art

Painting from my womb and heart

Through the aesthetic I express my ideas and feelings,

according to my personal stages, the moment and the place.

I like to believe that through my work people are motivated to find a refuge

in the senses and in the present moment, in contemplation and in being, in one's own attunement.

The strength of art lies in that without needing to understand,

 something within the soul finds favor or meaning, inviting each one of us to question, and, without response, feel, observe, grow and transform.


Inspiration , Harmony and Beauty in you Life

Nurture your creative spirit and explore the path of art in my workshops  and classes.


Drawing Painting &Creativity

          Portrait - Human Body -

Still Life -  Landscape - Abstract 

Oil - Acrylic -Pastels Charcoal    Chinese Ink - Watercolors - Mixed Techniques - Portfolio.

Basic, intermediate and advanced levels from 7 years old.

The classes have general and personalized programs.

Private Sessions

Group Sessions

Memberships and Monthly Packages.

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Art as a Whole

Workshops & Courses

This practice integrates academics and internal discipline techniques, such as contemplation, visualization and meditation. The holistic way is the union of the body, the mind and the spirit. The state of peace and acceptance is the main creative resource to work with, the color, the spatula, the brush, a pencil, etc. If the person is open to an internal and external dialogue that is joined with the tangible and intangible universe

Intuitive Painting / Contemplative Painting

Totemic and Archetypal Painting / Lunar Painting / Mandalas / Ritual Painting

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Clothe Art Intervention

The concept is simple, but its elaboration is not. I work on each piece of clothing as if it were a canvas, guaranteeing that you acquire an original piece of art to wear. Even if a client requested a replica of a design, it would be impossible to achieve it because handmade  work does not allow an exact replica. I also offer custom-made clothes inspired by you, or a loved one if you want to offer as a gift.

The garments vary: t-shirts, jackets, purses, dresses, shoes, necklaces, buttons, hats and more.

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