She was born in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina in 1979. Her academic training began at the School of Fine Arts and Decorative Arts Atilio Terragni de Tucuman U.N.T. where she graduates as a Master of Plastic Arts in 1997 with a specialization in drawing and painting. Here, she also Trained in ceramics and metalworking.

In 1998 she started her studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts U.N.T. National University of Tucumán with a specialization in Conceptual Art, Engraving, Painting, Sculpture.

Exhibitions and Events

1996 School of Fine Arts : Space Invasión  .Tucuman-Argentina

1996  School of Fine Arts .Tucuman-Argentina

1997  School of Fine Arts . Tucuman-Argentina

1997  Eugenio Flavio Virla  Cultural Center . Tucuman -Argentina

1997  School of Fine Arts / Desfile Artistico. Tucuman - Argentina.

1999 Independent Cultural  Center Independiente: La Zona. Tucuman -Argentina.

1999  First National Meeting of Youth Art. Salta -Argentina 

1999  School of Fine Arts UNT .Performance - Nequaquan Group.

2000 Cardon Audivert Cultural Center.Tucuman-Argentina.

2001  South Art. Desing Art District. Miami.Fl 

2011  La Gotera Productora Cultural. /  All the leaves are from the wind.Tucuman-Argentina

2012  La Gotera Productora Cultural. Solo Exhibition / Good Company. Tucuman- Argentina.  

2012 Creative Group /  Solo Exhibition / Retrospective . Bird Road Art District.Miami-Fl

2013 Creative Group. /Art &Wine Celebration. Dreams Spa . Miami-Fl.

2013  Touching Miami with Love .Miami -Fl

2013  Mano Fine Art / Parts of Conversation.Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2013 Creative Group / Female Creation. Bird Road Art Distric. Miami-Fl

2013  Mano Fine Arte. The Wall .Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2014  Arte Venezolano. Irma Garcia Art Dealers / S.O.S Venezuela.Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2014  Arte Venezolano. Irma Garcia Art Dealers./ New Beginnigs.Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2014  Two more love. Mano Fine Art. Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2014 7 Art Project / Maniacally Abstract. Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2014 Eleazar Delgado Studio/ Venezuela Awareness Foundation. Mccormick Place. Downtown Miami-Fl.

2014  Badges of the Courage /Silent Art Auction.Bird Road Art Distric. Miami-Fl

2015 Miami Art Club / La Luz que no Ves. Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2015 Jewish Learning Center Ohr Menachem Mendel Resource Library Chabad .Miami Beach-Fl

2015 Badges of the Courage /Silent Art Auction.Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2015 Foundation Angel Mariposa / Kiva Roja, Event.  North Miami - Fl 

2016 Miami Art Club .Curator and Coordinator / Student Exhibition Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2016 Miami Art Club / Opening & Spring Exhibition.Bird Road Art District. Miami-Fl

2016  Red Point Studio / Mirada de Mujer Miami . Hollywood-Fl.

2016  Optymus Art Gallery  / Mirada de Mujer Miami. Hialeah - Fl.

2018  LMercado Studios / Tales. Hollywood - Fl.

2018 LMercados Studios / Green Ligth. Hollywood-Fl

2018  L Mercado / Ilicit Woman . Hollywood-Fl

2018 Miami Art Club / 30 years Anniversary . Bird Road Art District,Miami - Fl.

2019 Miami Art Club / The Color of Exprestion. Bird Road Art District. Miami - Fl

2019 Mimai Art Club  / Fine Art Exhibition . Bird Road Art District, Miami - Fl


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