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Artist Statement


At first my work revolved around the exploration of beauty and the search for a coherent and honest aesthetic language with me. I explored various pictorial techniques. It allowed me to innovate in my creative processes, since in any case, the theme revolved around my internal roles and world as a child, adolescent, adult, mother, wife, lover, daughter. among others. I sought to capture how I saw myself, how others saw, how I wanted to be seen, how the world validated or disqualified my gaze, and above all: how it was that in the midst of so many gazes "I felt invisible." Thus, I discover that these questions were not subjective, quite the contrary, they were common within the female collective. ​


I address then, the hidden face of the socio-cultural mandates, to understand that in addition to structuring, sustaining and ordering, they can also invalidate or limit the role and will of the members of the community, coming to annul the expression and self-identity, a challenge that we tackle from a very early age, and that sometimes takes us in our realization 


Understanding that the cyclism of the systems demands the transformation of their own beliefs in each new generation, my work began to acquire a social sense, so that women elaborate and assume responsibility for their self-esteem, their confidence, and learn to look at themselves. herself in a positive loving and allowing way. Consequently, I am interested in expanding the theme around "joy", "freedom", "education of the internal worlds" and the "liberation of one's own voice". I am motivated by the idea that through my work and artistic practice, safe spaces will be fostered for reflection on these issues, to understand the scope, and the social and psychological consequences in the communities, since when a minority is subjected and manipulated with the purpose of practicing a vision with which it does not identify, said imposition reaches and corrupts the collective in general.


Evidencing the stagnation, decline and death of an outdated paradigm, which by continuing in force is violent and subdues those who propose and walk in the transformation. ​ The castration of expression truncates the development of human potential.As an artist, I collaborate in re-establishing values ​​of self-esteem, autonomy, free expression and emotional intelligence in our men, women and children, so that the new look, the new discourses and systems, also prioritize feminine values ​​such as dialogue, nurturing, love, respect, protect, include, accept, care, heal, celebrate, and express, harmonize among others.

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