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My first series  in Cryptoart, available to be acquired  on 
OpenSea  <<< click on it, visit it and buy it.

Your Favorite Flower

Plants adapt to survive and serve the environment in which they live. In this way they acquire attributes of the geography where they grow.

By studying them, it is learned that each part of a plant: the roots, the leaves, the stem, the fruit, represent an aspect of it. For example: the flowers in plants represent the virtues.


This series is a garden that seeks to inspire the viewer to rethink their value judgment on it. .

The variation of colors and elements gives each flower its own quality.

The flowers of this garden have:

-24 petals: confidence and faith in your own talents.

-2 + 4 = 6/6 feminine and masculine energy in union and balance.

Creative process:

I work on layers of colors and digital collage in photoshop from an image cut out of a prayer book.

Executed in 2016.

The format in which it is acquired is n JPG  



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